Photo: Mark Gamba Photography

Photo: Mark Gamba Photography

My name is Gina Lorubbio, and I use writing and art to help us all create a resilient food culture we’re proud to pass down.

I’m an artist, strategist, and good food advocate. I’ve held jobs across the food system: line cook at a trattoria, milk tasting slinger for a revolutionary dairy, food system documenter for a nationwide guide, resource developer for food job seekers, and traveling volunteer on farms and in kitchens.

I hold a degree in Interior Design from the University of Cincinnati, where I learned about placemaking, creative problem solving, and visual communication. In the past, I’ve nudged social movements forward as a brand strategist with organizations like Green Rising Marketing and Wayfinding Academy. Now I use my visual skills to teach and inspire home cooks.

with that being said...

This isn't about me. This is about all of us learning and building something together. I see myself as a student and curator, listening to what is happening in the world and providing a platform for all kinds of people to share their voices. Join the conversation by chiming in on Instagram or responding to my monthly art emails. I'd love to hear from you.

“Gina cares. It runs deep. There was passion there and it made me dig deeper into my relationship with food.” 

- Austin, Food Culture Explorers student